T Dot

Hi there! I'm alive I'm alive don't worry! I know it's been really quiet here, but during my three-month blog sabbatical I moved to a different country and started university. Moving away from home and creating a completely new life for myself hasn't left as much room for blogging as I'd like... but I'm back and ready to put more time into this little space. There's a lot to catch up on! 

First of all, I moved to Toronto! Living in a city is a big change of pace from my life in suburban Pennsylvania.  It's also the first time I haven't really been able to rely on my parents for everything. I feel like I've done a lot of life-learning these past few months... like a little crash course on being my own person (doing laundry, setting priorities, not having parents telling you what to do).  I've met so many great people since I moved and experienced so many new things! What can I say, Toronto has done me well so far. 

More to come, I pinky promise :)


  1. Welcome to Canada! we are just an hour north of the city. Toronto is great (but watch out for the crazy slush towards the end of winter)

  2. So happy you're back Victoria! I have to hear how school is going sometime.