What I've Been up to: Philadelphia Magazine Internship

Helping my editor find interesting ways to wear jewelry :)

Taking photos and interviewing Ann Gitter, a veteran in the Philly Fashion scene

Online shopping was just a part of the job during my time at Philly Mag - tough tough work!

Taking Photos of (and getting to know!) the lovely Ian Michael Crumm

One of my favorite parts of the internship was getting to know the people working there. I worked under the greatest girls who I just loved being around. I also got to meet a lot of other editors from the mag, learning what they contributed to the publication on a daily basis. Interning at the mag felt like play (in the absolute best way possible!), taking photos around the office, doing shopping "research", going on coffee dates with fabulous people. Here's a picture of the photo editor's color-changing nails. 

all images via Shoppist!

Hi Hi! Good to be back! I seriously can't believe it's already July. I've been busy this summer with a couple of internships!  My first internship was with Philadelphia Magazine. I had THE BEST TIME during my month at Philly Mag. My editor kept me busy with so much fashion fun, bringing me with her to many fabulous appointments and letting me take photos of some pretty cool stuff. Big Big thanks to Emily! I had such an incredible month! Hopefully this won't be my last time at Philly mag :) 


  1. hey victoria! sounds like ur having a blast at your internship :) i hope to hear more about your experiences in the near future

    Kayla @ Style Vancity