Pretty in Pink

ASOS dress // Forever 21 necklace // 

Even though I didn't go to the dance itself, I got my fair share of Prom this year with Pretty in Pink. And as a dedicated 80s movie fan, I guess it was only fate that I wear a pink dress for this Prom photo look.  The bubblegum pink dress was an incredible sale find on ASOS ($60! Can't really beat that price for a prom dress!) thanks to my mom. The necklace was an oldie I've had since forever and thought it would  pair nicely with the softness of the dress.  

Looking at these photos makes me realized how much I love dressing up and getting all pretty in pink. I can't wait for lots of dances and balls and formals I'll get to go to in college next year… Lots of dress shopping ahead! 


  1. Where did you get tanned so beautifully?

    1. thank you for the kind words Olga! Just by the pool! I guess I've been pretty lucky with the weather this summer :)