Punta Cana

Ah, Punta Cana… I don't think there's a place that makes me happier. I spent the week sitting by the sun, doing Zumba and water aerobics, eating white chocolate bread (the single greatest thing you will ever taste), dancing, meeting new people, and loving life. I have absolutely no worries when I'm here. Whenever I return home I always feel like I'm in a post-Punta depression, but this year I'm trying really hard to look back on my trip with positivity and happiness. Although I'm not sitting under a palm tree right now, I'm making an effort to be as happy as I was while I was there. At home I used to feel like I was stuck in a routine that every seventeen year-old is forced to go through but during my trip I met some amazing people that have all taken really crazy life detours. The vacation really got my brain churning. 

Here are some pictures of me and my sister (Surprise! I have a twin!) I miss this place so much it hurts. But I know I'll be back soon… 


  1. Wow, for a minute I thought you had done an amazing photoshop job! BEAUtiful place, you still have the pictures to remind you of your time there, that usually helps me when I miss my country...

    (2nd anniversary giveaway!!!)

  2. You`re two suns, girls! Amazing surprise!
    Was your sister behind the camera all that time?