Shades of Grey

ALC jacket // Current/Elliot cargo pants // H&M blouse // Brandy Melville tee // Sperry booties // 

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry posts have been pretty slow recently - I was stuck in this polar vortex of the east coast. Because of a school trip, a bad fever, and the crazy weather, I haven't stepped into school in over a week… needless to say today's going to be tough! We still don't have power so we're camped out at a hotel now. Kind of loving the hotel life and no school part of the equation, kind of hating this messy weather…


  1. I love the pairing of the crop top and blouse! After seeing an article in (I think) Lucky recently I've been trying to find the perfect pairing just like yours! Such a great look!

    ~ Caroline

  2. Beautiful look, love it!! :D

    xx MJ