Winter Gear

I'm actually hoping that the snow will keep on coming this year! I'm a senior, which at my school means that you don't have to make up the snow days at the end of the year. So bring on the snowstorms mother nature! And wouldn't it be nice if this winter gear just magically showed up on my door step next time the weather got really  bad? I somehow don't own a single hat, down jacket, or pair of snow boots even though I lived in Canada for seven years…. if you're reading this mom, I don't think that's right!


  1. Love this picks! Especially the blue sweater! I've lived in the northeast for years and this year was the first time I've really bought a winter coat, serious craziness.

    ~ Caroline

    1. Thank you! And I guess we just build a resistance to the cold!

      xx Victoria

  2. Awesome picks! I wish it would snow here too.. it's just really cold, rainy and windy. Beanies are a must!