J.Crew shirt // Zara blazer // Urban Outfitters jeans // H&M booties // 

I've been loving old movies lately (my new absolute favorite is Say Anything - I could watch that movie every day) and one that I really like is Jerry Maguire. Such a sweet movie! This shirt reminds me of the scene where Jerry tells Dorothy "you complete me" and then Dorothy says, "Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at hello". Could that be any cuter? My mom bought this for me as a christmas gift. I'm usually not a graphic t-shirt person (I think my last time wearing one was a little miss tee from the seventh grade -oh how my closet has changed in the past five years!) but I love love love the look of this one! If you're reading this, thanks Mom! 


  1. Love that shirt! I'm not a graphic tee girl either but I would definitely give that one a try! We need to go shopping soon!

  2. Love this look! I always felt the same way about graphic tshirts until all the J.Crew and Celfie tshirts started coming out. I love the way you styled the tshirt with more tailored pieces and the chambray pants are perfect!

    ~ Caroline

  3. Ahhh Jerry Maguire is such a classic! I haven't watched it in a long time - now I want to!

    I love that shirt!

    1. oh gosh it's seriously the best!

      xx Victoria

  4. i love this look! I really like the tshirt and necklace combo!


  5. Great outfit! The slouchy pants are awesome!