Here are some more pictures from this year's Teen Vogue Fashion U! I remember seeing Fashion U ads in a 2008 edition of Teen Vogue, and since then I've been obsessed with going. Flash forward to the summer of 2013, and I knew I had to apply. I ended winning one of their scholarships (there were five I believe), which meant that they paid for my travel expenses, room fee, and ticket price. They also threw in some free boots and broadway tickets, as if they didn't give me enough to begin with. I LOVED every single one of my classes. Saturday started off with the Teen Vogue editors panel, then I went to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (she was incredible - I hope to one day be as successful as her!), Oscar PR Girl (LOVE), the Sperry Showroom Tour, the Teen Vogue floor tour, Kate Phelan, and ended the day with an amazing panel of bloggers ( the masterminds behind Into the Gloss and the Coveteur). That night, I went to a super duper fun party at Topshop. Saturday was jam-packed with FashionU fun and I loved every minute of it. As I type this I'm dreading going to school and really wishing I could just be back at TVFU...

...Writing about TVFU makes me really miss my new fashion friends, Caroline and Jackie!