Teen Vogue Fashion U

Teen Vogue Fashion U..... definitely a weekend that will go down in the books.  I honestly think I was walking on a cloud the whole weekend. A week has passed and I still wish I could be there. I got to listen to some of the industry's most influential people and listen to how they landed their dream jobs. I've known for a while that I've wanted to work in the fashion industry but being there that weekend, surrounded by so many passionate people, I just knew I was in the right place. There will be plenty more Fashion U posts where this came from. I'll be sharing the amazing people I met and the incredible places I got to go. But for now, here's a picture of me and my friend Liz enjoying our 'graduation'. Thanks for reading xx


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    1. Thanks Gemma! More to come this week...

  2. So great! Cant wait to see your posts :)


  3. Ok why are you the sweetest person in the world? I can't stop smiling at your comments on my blog :)
    Anyway, this picture is adorable! Can't wait to see more!

    1. ♥ you Jackie! I'm so excited to have friends with blogs too! Be prepared for me to comment on every one of your posts! And thank you!

  4. Congrats- very exciting!