Feeling super excited about an upcoming trip... 

In four short weeks my sister and I will be soaking up the sun in the Turks and Caicos :)

Let's Shop // Semi Formal Dresses

Sofie and me at our first Tri Delta semi formal

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T Dot

Hi there! I'm alive I'm alive don't worry! I know it's been really quiet here, but during my three-month blog sabbatical I moved to a different country and started university. Moving away from home and creating a completely new life for myself hasn't left as much room for blogging as I'd like... but I'm back and ready to put more time into this little space. There's a lot to catch up on! 

First of all, I moved to Toronto! Living in a city is a big change of pace from my life in suburban Pennsylvania.  It's also the first time I haven't really been able to rely on my parents for everything. I feel like I've done a lot of life-learning these past few months... like a little crash course on being my own person (doing laundry, setting priorities, not having parents telling you what to do).  I've met so many great people since I moved and experienced so many new things! What can I say, Toronto has done me well so far. 

More to come, I pinky promise :)